My name is Scotty Long, and I would like to tell you a little bit about myself.  I'm a professional musician primarily in the Central Florida area, where I was also born and raised.  I have been studying and playing music for 20 years, and have been playing professionally for about 9 years now.  I'm a one man band style show, so I like to make my shows fun and unique. What I do is... I loop, layer, and record my guitar, harmonica, and a variety of other instruments with a special guitar pedal all in real time.  So at times it sounds like there is a full band, and at other times its just me and the guitar!  I play pretty much every genre of music.  From rock, folk, funk, pop, alternative, country, and even a couple of jazzy tunes!  I also play a wide variety of cover music from the 60's to today.  I play my own originals, and can even play a whole show of Irish music if that's what the occasion calls for!  I aim to please all ages and crowds, and interaction with them is a must if you're at one of my shows!!  However, I have played at many private events where a more reserved setting is the theme.  So whatever the occassion calls for, I'm here to contribute to the fun!!  I love to have a great time and entertain!!  I would love to play for your Restaraunt, Bar, Private Party, Wedding, Charity, or Business Event!!!